Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Free at Last!

Today I was released from my cardboard box - the same box I was unceremoniously dumped into after finishing at Diemersfontein, the same cardboard box that all Skinny's smelly riding kit was also dumped into after the finish! I endured a bumpy ride home by road while Skinny got to fly home like a rock star, not fair!

But today after he freed me from my smelly cardboard coffin, he also finally gave me a good wash and because it was a cold day, he even used warm water and soap! Then he told me that this unusually special treatment was only because I am going to be photographed for an upcoming issue of a local bike magazine - so now I feel like a rock star too!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 14: Trouthaven to Diemersfontein, 50km/8h

After the now customary oversleep, Skinny and Garth got going at 8am and we were ready to start the infamous Stettynskloof portage just before 9.

For a bike, this was a rather cushy day as I got to spend most of it taking in the scenery from on top of Skinny's shoulders. He did put me down a few times to drag me through some thick bush or dunk me in a river but on the whole I got to take it easy as he huffed and puffed his way up the valley.

After the kloof came the washed out downhill and then the cement track push up to the tar road of Du Toit's Kloof Pass. Skinny had to stomp on the pedals to get up the tar road pass and then waited at the top for Garth so they could ride into the finish together.

We dodged forestry workers and machinery in the plantations on the way down but in daylight, the route in was pretty straightforward and we rolled across the finish line in glorious sunshine.

Garth had a cracking ride, going off the front for 10 days on his own - well done, an impressive first ride!

Skinny Legs had a great ride despite all the hardships along the way and was relieved and satisfied to cross the line after 13 days 10h and 37min.

He should probably get a prize for the rider who neglected his bike the most but luckily I'm quite tough and didn't need that much attention.