Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 10: Hadley to Willowmore, 225km/23h

After a good recovery sleep at Hadley farm, we headed off to tackle the infamous Grootrivier Poort into Cambria.
After recent floods left debris lying rvrywhere, finding the road through was hard and the going slow. On the upside, I got a long overdue bikewash!

Lunch at Cambria was a quick, self-service affair before pushing on to Dam se Drif. The Baviaanskloof road has also been washed away so is very rocky in places. The weather was quite warm for a change but it rained on and off during the day.

Supper was at Dam se Drif, as well as a quick tumble drying session for wet socks. The road to Willowmore was wet and sticky and around midnight, the wind returned. Skinny has developed a bit of a wind allergy, so his reaction was to dive into the bushes for an hour's sleep! When we got going again, the wind was gone but the sticky mud remained. The slog ended at 05h30 in Willowmore where he is now stuffing his face again and then going to sleep a bit.

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