Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 11: Willowmore to Prince Albert, 170km/10h

What a superb day! Sunshine, dry roads and someone switched the wind off.
Skinny had been dreading this stage because too much wind would have meant a long walk and the corrugations are a nightmare without suspension - but none of that, the roads had been graded after flood damage and there was no wind.
Coming off a 23h previous stage, he got an hour's sleep in front of the fireplace at Willowmore and then suited up to go out again. A few urgent power naps got us through the morning. He had to spin like crazy - this is big blade territory - so towards the end he was tired.
Now we're at Dennehof guest house, he's already on his second glass of milk with his supper and I've been spruced up by Johan Rissik, getting a proper wash, a chain tightening and a lube - both ready to tackle the next stage!


  1. You're welcome. This is Niner territory.

  2. Wow, Glenn. You are amazing.
    Looks like we'll have to get Clover to sponsor you too.
    Keep going!