Thursday, June 16, 2011

A few crazy days

Wow! All of a sudden things have been happening really quickly. From having enough time to fiddle with gear and do some last minute training, to suddenly having to pack up, get to Jhb, meet sponsors, some TV time, a telephone interview, some more last minute gear fiddling and then a quick plane trip down to Pietermaritzburg. Everything has been a bit of a blur and Skinny Legs hasn't quite known what hit him!

Being invited onto Supercycling together with Tim James was an unexpected bonus. Then flying down to the start in Tim's plane the next day was a real treat. While Tim snacked on some lunch and took in the view, Skinny got to earn his real pilot's stripes. Of course I just got bundled into the back of the small plane together with Tim's highly strung carbon racing steed and all the baggage - charming! I was a bit worried when Tim told him to line it up on the runway as we approached PMB but thankfully he took over the controls in the nick of time.

So now we're at the start a day early and will probably head out on the route tomorrow to see some of the other riders as they tackle day 1. Only one more day to go then we're off!

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