Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 8: Grootdam to Toekomst, 110km/10h30

After totally oversleeping at Grootdam (those beds are just too comfy) and having to patch a slow, leaking sidewall cut, we only got going just before 7 - not great!

The wind was a big factor today, first going up the back of Struishoek mountain and later again down on the flats of Pearston. It had the amazing ability to always be blowing into your face, despite many directional changes.
Skinny nearly ripped his legs off on the short tar stretch into Pearston and again approaching Vandeventerskraal. I felt all my welds creaking but held it together.

We rode a bit with Tim van Coller at Struishoek and also met up with Sean Woolnough licking his wounds at Toekomst.

We arrived just before dark. I got some TLC when Skinny replaced my chain! Yay!! This one should see us through to the finish. He's stuffing his face with soup and bread now and then it's prep time for an early start.

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