Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 4: Vuvu to Slaapkranz, 150km/15h30

(The day's not actually done yet but we're on track to finish at Slaapkranz and here on the ridge we have signal but not down at the farmhouse)

An early start again at 2am, this together with Martin and Andrew. Lehana's by moonlight was at first warm and spectacular but near the top an icy wind was blowing. I got carried up on Skinny's shoulders most of the way - what a treat!

We reached Rhodes at 08h00 for breakfast andd chain lube and a repeat again at Chesneywold for lunch. I think Skinny at too much because afterwards he slowed to a crawl and complained about stomach cramps...

Anyway, Slaapkranz is just over the ridge and he's looking forward to a hot bath. Who knows, I may even get a bike wash!

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