Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fw: Day 12: Prince Albert to Anysberg, 180km/22h

Day 12: Prince Albert to Anysberg, 180km/22h

A long slog! Skinny had to walk up most of Swartberg Pass and was falling asleep as he went! Power naps got us through and once we dropped into Die Hel, the temps plummeted so out came the warm layers. At the top of Die Leer the sun was blazing so out came the sunscreen!

The road to Rouxpos was another slog into the wind, avoiding the dongas from flood damage along the way but the food once there was great. We scurried through Wagendrift before dark and then decided to pop in at Mrs Fourie for a quick coffee before going into Anysberg - bad move, we must have caught her on a bad day because Skinny got an earfull about riders arriving at all times of the day and night and how she's too old for this nonsense... Anyway, after an hour of quiet diplomacy and lot's of use of 'die Taal' he had managed to calm her down and we were able to carry on.

Bedtime at Anysberg was further delayed by struggling to find the right hut in the dark. Supper was a pot of gruel with rice to be heated up and there was only half a liter of milk, so needless to say, Skinny was a tad grumpy by the time he flopped into bed at 11pm. (At least there were some good boxes to raid for interesting snacks in the morning) I was allowed to sleep in the kitchen so no complaints from me.

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