Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 7: Camp Elandsberg to Grootdam. 110km/12h

It took less than 30min to ride down to Elandsberg farmhouse from our camp spot on the mountain - but not getting there last night effectively cost us about 6 hours and put us on the back foot.

After breakfast at Elandsberg Farm, Skinny took out his frustration on the pedals and we time trialled it across to Stuttgart in under 4 hours! My bottom bracket ached afterwards and I was glad we at least stopped for 15min. Next came the Schurfteberg portage and Coeterskloof which were straightforward but dragged on a bit.

The new stopover at Grootdam is luxurious (most beds are compared to sleeping out) although it is 6km off the route.

Basically had to take today as a recovery day. Tomorrow its back into battle again and it looks like the weather may have the last say...

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