Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 5: Slaapkranz to Brosterlea, 152km/15h

Skinny Legs might need to be renamed Sickboy - ever since pigging out on the fine food at Chesneywold, his stomach has been holding him ransom. Any hint of sugar and it balloons up in minutes ,d cramps... He's now running on bread and water and drinking gallons of milk on the way through support stations!

As for the route, we left at 3:30am with Andrew and Martin, stumbling over the first two portages in semi darkness. Skinny chose to keep his shoes dry by taking them off for a river crossing at minus 10. Stupid!

On the way to Moordenaars Poort, our race nearly ended when Skinny came over a blind rise at speed, straight into a rock garden posing as a road! He barely maintained control and ended up in a drainage ditch with big eyes andd a pounding heart. I thought it was quite fun.

After a quick snack (and more milk) at Vaalbank, we pushed on through the swamps and got to Brosterlea after dark. The we met Joan, Avril and Craig (another singlespeeder). Early night though as rest was needed. I got parked outside, covered in mud to fend for myself as the mercury began it's plummet to minus nine...

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