Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 13: Anysberg to Trouthaven, 180km/16h

Late start, overslept again! Not the first time but Skinny's a bit tired these days and his alarm clock is pretty ineffective.

So well after first light, we rolled out of Anysberg and got the legs ticking over and four hours later, we rolled into Montagu. A quick snack and on to McGregor but the wind picked up and made it hard work! Skinny needed to stop for a coffee break which seemed to revive him and we charged off over the Coeniesrivier portage, arriving with enough light to spare. Alda and Elsa's good food at Kasra had to be skipped though because there was another portage waiting... At the top of this portage, we bumped into Garth 'Flying Flanders' and continued on together to Trouthaven. The last hour was a drag, with both riders battling fatigue and regular snack breaks only prolonged things - these guys eat a lot - and often!
We got to Trouthaven at 12:30pm and then they raided support boxes and ate some more!

It got a bit muddy out there and Skinny left me outside in the rain for the night to clean myself up.

Tomorrow it's just Stettynskloof and then we're done!

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